“It has been 20 years since I could bite an apple and I won’t ever have to wear dentures again!”

– David Morgan, Wellington Resident.

Now you can have dental implants in a day.

It sounds futuristic, but it’s happening. No longer do we need to be resigned to a life with dentures.

Fifty years ago a Swedish dental researcher (Professor PI Brånemark), developed a method for implanting titanium posts into human jaws. Bone grows back around the post anchoring it, so that the post is able to take a load equivalent to a human tooth. Technology took a leap. Others developed the materials and means to attach artificial teeth to implants, from a single tooth to a whole set in both upper and lower jaws.

Nobelbiocare was the earliest company to realize the potential of this new technology. Working with Professor Brånemark as he developed the science, they developed systems that would enable dentists to use this technology in patient care.  Andrew and Gerry use the Nobelbiocare implant system.

Since that time, the field of dental implants has exploded. Now single-tooth implants are offered by most dentists for cases where a ‘plate’ or a false tooth were once the only options.

Technology has leapt again; science meets science-fiction. At last a mouth of failing teeth can be completely removed and replaced with implant technology in the same day – dentures are not even a temporary step in most people.

Teeth are removed, if necessary, and a series of titanium posts placed in the jaw. Later on the same day, temporary plastic teeth are attached to the posts. After a few months healing, permanent, acrylic or ceramic teeth are custom-made and fitted.

While this procedure requires complex decision-making and specialist skills by a competent team, it is a simple option for those with issues of aging dentition. The outcomes are more than just a confident smile and the ability to chew everything from steak to crunchy apples.  It offers a gateway to confidence, health and a quality of life. These are advantages worth considering.