After making the initial appointment, you will meet with Andrew and Gerry, who will take a look at the current state of your teeth, take some x-rays , some molds and maybe a CT scan and make a plan for how to progress your case. Each person comes with a different set of complex problems, so every case is unique. This step is the important foundation for the success of a completely new, healthy smile.

Teeth In a Day

Once the assessment has been done, and a plan formed that you are happy with, appointments will be made for the procedure. It generally takes about 2-3 hours in the morning, then you will come back a few hours later and get the teeth.

Follow Up

The teeth that you leave the first appointment with are temporary. They act as good-as-new but do not have the strength to take the long term wear-and-tear of being human. You need to be a bit careful what you eat over that time. This doesn’t mean you can’t chew anything; we just recommend avoiding hard or tough stuff! These teeth may not perfect in their aesthetics either, they are just a starting point.

After a period of healing, around 3 months, you will come back for a review, and a check on progress. Then, we will make you a series of appointments to have your permanent teeth fitted by the Prosthodontist (Andrew). This involves 4-5 appointments, but each time you will go away with the temporary teeth back in. You ‘re not walking around gummy at any stage!